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Tuesday, March 5

7:30am CST

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4:00pm CST

A Comparison of Image Segmentation Methods Event HallJonas Actor • David Fuentes • Beatrice Riviere A discontinuous Galerkin method for first-order elastic-acoustic coupled wave equations Event HallJesse Chan • Kaihang Guo A machine learning approach for stochastic seismic inversion on high performance computing facilities Event HallHassan Dashtian • Seyyed Abolfazl Hosseini A Parallel Pore-scale Simulator for Multiphase Flow in 3D Digital Rock Images Event HallSahar Bakhshian • Seyyed Abolfazl Hosseini A Parallel Workflow Framework for Data and Compute Intensive Applications Event HallFrank Betancourt • Daniel Nichols • Stan Tomov • Kwai Wong Application of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) to Flow Simulations in Oil Reservoir Rocks Event HallJaime Klapp • Carlos Enrique Alvarado Rodríguez • Leonardo Di G Sigalotti Assessing Solar and Wind Complementarity in Texas Event HallDaniel Cohan • Joanna Slusarewicz Bubble-bubble pinch-off in symmetric and asymmetric microfluidic expansion channels for ordered foam generation Event HallSibani Lisa Biswal • Vidya Giri • Daniel Vecchiolla Characterizing spatiotemporal trends in extreme precipitation across the southern Texas coast Event HallPhilip Bedient • Kathy Ensor • Carly Fagnant • Avantika Gori • Antonia Sebastian Computing Challenges and Solutions in Rock Drilling Model enabled Drill Bit Design Event HallPrathamesh Desai • C. Fred Higgs Iii Data weighted full-waveform inversion with Adam method Event HallAo Cai • Colin Zelt Data-parallel distributed training of very large models beyond GPU capacity Event HallCharles Compton • Amit Juneja Deep Global Model Reduction Learning Event HallSiu Wun Cheung Developing and Integrating New Solvers for OPM Event HallAnne C. Elster • Geir A. Hasle Don't Let Unused Switch Ports Go to Waste: Exploring Alternative Means of Supporting Big-Data Broadcast in Commodity Data Center with Shufflecast Event HallAng Chen • Sushovan Das • T. S. Eugene Ng • Afsaneh Rahbar • Xiaoye Steven Sun Efficient solid-shell formulations for nonlinear thermoelastic analysis of thin-walled structures Event HallWenya Shu • Ilinca Stanciulescu Exascale archiving Event HallMeghan Wingate McClelland Extending HPCToolkit to Measure and Analyze Code Performance on GPU-accelerated Platforms Event HallMark Krentel • John Mellor-Crummey • Keren Zhou Foundational Algorithmic Speedup from Quantum Chemistry Event HallJonathan Jerke • Bill Poirier Gas Detection and Localization Wireless Sensor Network Event HallJoseph Cavallaro • Nadya Mohamed Hierarchical Scale Separation: A Linear Solver Based on Block Relaxation and Multigrid Event HallFaruk Omer Alpak • Mauricio Araya-Polo • Christopher Thiele • Beatrice Riviere Industrial Use Case on Using Neural Networks for Predictive Maintenance in Petrochemical Refineries Event HallZaid Al-Ars Lagrange-multiplier based optimization methods for time-domain decomposition formulations of optimal control problems Event HallMatthias Heinkenschloss • Nathaniel Kroeger Mechanical criticality in athermal semiflexible polymer networks Event HallSadjad Arzash • Fred MacKintosh • Abhinav Sharma • Jordan Shivers Multi-scale modeling of Li-ion battery anode materials using reactive force fields Event HallManav Bhati • Thomas P. Senftle Multilevel Time Domain Decomposition for the Parallel Solution of Optimal Control Problems Event HallMatthias Heinkenschloss • Shengchao Lin Multiphase Fluid Flow Simulator with Applications in Porous Media Event HallLu Lin • Chen Liu • Beatrice Riviere Nano-sized Titanium Borides for Oil Field Applications and Energy Storage Event HallPulickle Ajayan • Keiko Kato • Robert Vajtai • Yu Xie • Zhou Zhou Parallel Large-Scale Earth Model Interpretation of Ultra-Deep Directional EM Measurement Event HallJiefu Chen • Xin Fu • Han Lu • Qiuyang Shen • Xuqing Wu Pattern recognition and Flow Rate reconstruction: PDG data analysis using Machine Learning Event HallCristina Heghedus • Chunming Rong • Anton Shchipanov Persistence of passwords and TLS secrets in Android Event HallAng Chen • Jaeho Lee • Dan S. Wallach PhaseCam3D - Learning Phase Masks for Passive Single View Depth Estimation Event HallVivek Boominathan • Huaijin Chen • Aswin Sankaranarayanan • Ashok Veeraraghavan • Yicheng Wu Plug flow in the Earth's asthenosphere Event HallAdrian Lenardic • Alana Semple Reduction of energy consumption in crude oil distillation through parastillation Event HallLilian Biasi • Matthias Heinkenschloss • Antonio Meirelles Risk-Averse PDE-Constrained Optimization Event HallMatthias Heinkenschloss • Mae Markowski Simulating the Viscous Fingering Effect in Porous Media Event HallBryan Doyle • Beatrice Riviere • Michael Sekachev Stochastic Clustering and Pattern Matching for Real Time Geosteering Event HallYinsen Miao • Neilkunal Panchal • Marina Vannucci • Mingqi Wu • Daniel Kowal • Faming Liang • Jeremy Vila Understanding Congestion in High Performance Interconnection Networks Using Sampling Event HallJohn Mellor-Crummey • Philip Taffet Understanding the Role of Iron Tosylate on Heavy Oil Viscosity Reduction Event HallCiceron Ayala-Orozco • Pinn-Tsong Chiang • Michael Shammai • Michael Wong • Yan Xu
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